How to Enable YouTube Dark Mode in Android

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How to Enable YouTube Dark Mode – The eyes are an important part of our human body. Without this, our life would look incomplete, wouldn’t it? We know how important the eyes are but do we take care of them?

If seen, a common man spends a large part of his day watching YouTube videos. But what is the effect on your eyes? Isn’t your eyes getting weak because of spending so much time on it?

The answer is yes. This is because the white light emitted from the phone screen is reducing your eyesight. But how to avoid it? To avoid this, you can Enable Youtube Dark Mode in Android, due to which the lights coming out of the screen will have less effect on your eyes.

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What is A Dark Mode?

Now you must be thinking what is a dark mode. So first I will give you information about it and after that I will tell you the process to enable dark mode on YouTube Android.

If you pay attention, then you will understand that usually all apps have a light design UI interface, out of which white lights go out more. Which has a bad effect on our eyes. So to avoid this, Dark Mode is a great feature that darkens your UI.

This allows only the light to come out of the screen as needed, which protects the eyes.

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Why to Enable YouTube Dark Mode?

  • If your phone is with Amoled screen then you must enable Youtube Dark Mode. Because Amoled display is very harmful to the eyes.
  • Is your phone battery backup too low? Then use Youtube Dark Mode. This will also help your low backup battery to run longer.
  • You can watch Youtube videos without any trouble at night.
  • It makes your YouTube app look cool and unique.

How to Enable YouTube Dark Mode in Android

Finally, you made a decision to know How to Enable YouTube Dark Mode in Android to protect your eyes. The process is very simple and easy to do. Just do as mentioned below.

  • Open YouTube App.
  • Click on you profile picture to access profile settings.
  • Go to Settings.
  • Now click on General Settings.
  • Enable the option “Dark Theme”.

Note: If you can’t find “Dark Theme” option there then try once again after updating your app.


Is Dark mode good for you?

Yes, It is 100% good for you. Because it helps you to protect your eyes and save battery power.

Does YouTube have a dark mode?

Yes, the updated version of youtube include dark mode inside.

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Is there a dark mode for YouTube on Android?

YouTube dark Mode is available for both Android and PC.

How do I turn YouTube into dark mode?

it’s very easy! just read the full article and you will find the easiest way to do it.

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